What is hosting

Any device that provides “client-server” format services in server mode over any interfaces and is uniquely defined on these interfaces. In a broader sense, a host can be understood as any computer connected to a local or global network. In a simple way, this is the place where the sites are located. The work of the Hosting Company is to provide uninterrupted access for Internet users to the sites hosted by this Hosting Company. Hosting Services can be divided into Virtual Hosting (or simply Hosting). And yes Hosting is a paid service. It includes renting space on the server and its capacities.

Companies that provide hosting are called hosting providers or hosters. The task of these companies is to make sure that your site is available to users around the clock. And Hosting has some drawbacks. For example, the hoster works with your data. This means that it has full access to them. This is always a certain risk and violation of confidentiality. And force majeure can occur at any time. There will be a technical failure, the owners will change, the company will go bankrupt, someone will interrupt the network cable during construction work nearby, etc. Under a certain set of circumstances, data can be lost irretrievably. Be sure to make backups, store them in different places, and always make sure they can be restored.

What is domain

What is domain

Domains are needed so that the site can be found on the Internet and hosting – so that the site is always available on the network. A domain is a human-readable and human-readable character code that allows you to find individual Internet sites, such as Web sites.

A domain, or domain name, is a human-readable symbolic analog of a site’s IP address. For example, kokoc.com and are the same website address. But the first variant of the domain is written in letters and is intended for people, and the second is listed as a technical IP address. The choice of a domain name in the national zone has a positive effect on the ranking of the site. So, in Russia, among sites of the same subject from two domains – tematika.ru and tematika.by. It will rank better and stand higher in the search results tematika.ru, and in Belarus – tematika.by. Since the domain system runs on top of the Internet protocol, there is a certain duality – you need to first contact the DNS servers, and then connect to the real IP address. And this is an increase in the connection route and, accordingly, time.

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